How I Repaired My Garage Door in Sacramento

The garage door of my little house in Sacramento was old and noisy with all sorts of problems all over the place. I realized how costly it would get to repair and replace the various worn parts. I hence opted to do as much of the work as I could by myself. This took quite some time and effort, but it saved me money when I needed to call the experts. The following is a short look at how I fixed my garage door without the help of garage door repair Sacramento.

The first thing I did was to inspect the garage door by simply carefully looking at it. Visually inspecting the garage door is something I knew I had to get used to. I had to ensure it was symmetrical on opening and closing. It was not. There were loose hinges and broken wheels here and there which were somewhat easy to repair and replace. I had to tighten up the bolts and roller brackets as well so that the door would function properly.

How to fix a garage doorI took a good look at the garage door’s weather-stripping. It was worn out, so set time to go out and buy a new one, which I would then later install.

I had to take a good look at all the moving parts of your garage door. Some were cracked and others were corroded. This is what happens when you go months and months without lubricating them. These were the causes of all the noises the garage door should not make. Some of the repairs looked complicated, so I made a note to call an expert for them.

I had to then take a look at the garage door panels to ensure they were free of dents and other sorts of damage. It was okay—a little dented here and there and a little faded, but nothing major. These were simple repairs that I did by myself.

I then had to rid the various parts of the garage door from all sorts of dirt and debris that stopped them from working properly. I had to check for any debris along the garage door tracks, which I then cleaned out.

The fixes were not too difficult and many of my friends in Sacramento have had similar issues and solved them in a similar way. They just took a lot of time but it was worth it in the end. The opener had a few problems that I knew I could not deal with. I had to contact a specialist for that—who, by the way, was impressed at the fantastic condition my garage door was in.